After-School Program

2 years onwards

Our Montessori after-school program is designed to provide a supportive and enriching environment for children outside of regular school hours. Inspired by the Montessori philosophy, our program offers a balance of structured activities and free exploration to promote continued growth and learning. Here's what you can expect from our Montessori after-school program:

  • Extended Learning Opportunities:

    Our after-school program extends the learning experiences beyond the traditional school day. We provide a variety of activities and materials that complement and reinforce what children have learned during regular school hours, allowing them to delve deeper into their areas of interest.

  • Montessori Materials and Activities:

    Our after-school program incorporates Montessori materials and activities that stimulate creativity, critical thinking, and independent exploration. Children have the opportunity to engage with hands-on materials across various subjects, including math, language, science, cultural studies, and practical life skills.

  • Homework Support:

    We offer homework support to help children complete their assignments and reinforce their understanding of concepts. Our teachers are available to provide guidance, answer questions, and assist children in developing effective study habits and time management skills.

  • Enrichment Activities:

    Our after-school program includes a range of enrichment activities that go beyond the traditional curriculum. These activities may include art, music, drama, sports, foreign language exploration, coding, gardening, and more. They provide opportunities for children to explore their interests, develop new skills, and discover hidden talents.

  • Outdoor Play and Physical Activities:

    We recognize the importance of physical activity and outdoor play in a child's development. Our after-school program includes scheduled outdoor playtime, where children can engage in active games, sports, and explorations in a safe and supervised environment.

  • Social Interaction and Collaboration:

    Our program promotes social interaction and collaboration among children. Through group activities, projects, and games, children have the opportunity to develop communication skills, cooperation, empathy, and respect for others. We foster a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages positive relationships and teamwork.

  • Parent Communication:

    We maintain open and regular communication with parents regarding their child's participation and progress in the after-school program. We provide updates on activities, events, and any specific areas of focus. We encourage parents to share their insights and feedback to ensure a collaborative and supportive approach to their child's growth.

  • Flexibility and Convenience:

    We understand the needs of working parents, and our after-school program offers flexibility in terms of scheduling and extended care options. We aim to provide a convenient solution that meets the needs of families while providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for their children.

Our Montessori after-school program is designed to complement and enhance the educational journey of each child. By providing a balanced mix of academic support, enrichment activities, and social interaction, we strive to create a well-rounded experience that supports children's continued growth, fosters a love for learning, and promotes their overall development.


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